Traditional Saaremaa beer

Pihtla brewery is Estonia's oldest microbrewery and famous for traditional Saaremaa beer, the infamous farmhouse style. Traditional Saaremaa beer is cloudy and yeasty unpredictable drink - 7,6%. We have brewed Pihtla beer since 1990 and are currently the only brewery serving traditional farmhouse beer. The traditional Saaremaa beer in unboiled in the last phase of brewing process and this makes it complicated craft. Saaremaa farmhouse beer from Pihtla brewery is known quality and great taste.

Farmhouse beer is mild to drink, looks cloudy and tastes a little bit yeasty. We are using local junipers to balance the mouthful of this ancient beer style.

The brewmasters in Pihtla brewery just recently added a darker version of traditional Saaremaa beer. The new version farmhouse beer has recognizable roasted taste and much more darker look. The body of the darker version is just the same - cloudy and yeasty refreshing traditional drink.

Read Beeradvocate article and find out how the farmhouse tradition survives in the Baltics.

Our crafts

In Pihtla brewery, we also brew several other crafts, which can be found from the the best shops and bars all over Estonia. Visiting Saaremaa in summer? Come and visit the brewery yourself and taste the local flavours at our taproom, which is located next to brewery itself. Read more about the taproom.

  • Pihtla beer - traditional Saaremaa farmhouse beer. ABV 7,6%, IBU 19.
  • Dark Pihtla beer - dark traditional Saaremaa farmhouse beer. ABV 6,5%, IBU 24.
  • Viljapuna - irish red ale. ABV 5,8%, IBU 29.
  • Kolm Venda - india pale ale. ABV 6,5%, IBU 63.
  • Ingveriõlu - ginger ale. ABV 6,2%, IBU 41.
  • Porter - robust porter. ABV 6,0%, IBU 28.
  • Okas Kurku - spruce ale. ABC 6,2%.